100 Main Street Natchez, MS 39120

Our History


Bowie’s Tavern 1840


Bowie’s Tavern is a part of Dunleith in Natchez, Mississippi.

The Building:  Is the original Cotton Warehouse built in 1840 which overlooks the Mississippi River.

The Bar: The mahogany bar that is located within at one time was considered to be the largest bar west of the Mississippi River. This bar came out of Tony’s Bar in Holly, Colorado. It is said to be signed on the back by Kit Carson.



The Flag: The flag located in our “Barrel Room” is a post Civil War flag dating to around 1870. It is called a Reunion Flag and the First National Flag of the Confederacy. The flag was designed in 1867. The Confederate flag we are familiar with, which has the St. Andrews Cross, is a battle flag designed in 1862. Our flag came from a private collection out of Arkansas.

The Prints: All the the prints in the bar are from Natchez, Mississippi. The photographer is Norman and they were taken from 1870 to 1900. These prints are currently part of the Gandy Collection.